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The Battle of the Sexes

The battle of the sexes has raged on as long as anyone can remember. Each sex, at some point, has either wanted or believed they had the upper hand over the other. It can be in the form of a power struggle or manipulation that one sex proves itself dominant over the other. Many times they find that they are evenly matched. The power balance in today’s society is fairly balanced. We have men who show deep feeling and women who are aggressive and harsh. We also have the opposite in both sexes.Science is still working to discover how much our DNA affects our sex in terms of aggressiveness, affections and other factors in relationships. Science has yet to prove that there is a battle of the sexes at genetic level. Therefore much of it is dictated by society and its expectations of a particular sex. These expectations change through time and there are always exceptions to the rules. There was a time when women were dominant in certain areas, such as the household and men were releg ated to dominate out of doors.There are other times where males are completely dominant and the female submissive. The roles change back and forth through time, each time getting a little more evenly balanced between the sexes. For the most part, today’s society see men and women as equals. There are still issues to be addressed but for the most part we are equal in almost everything. The movie â€Å"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, is set in present time and shows both sexes as equally driven to succeed. Andi, the main female, is a modern woman who believes most relationships fail because men just don’t understand the female mind.She believes that men allow themselves be driven off due to certain things women tend to do in relationships. She also believes that men don’t want to put forth the effort that a true relationship takes to succeed. She sets out to prove this by betting her boss she can â€Å"lose a guy in 10 days† by doing everything that is usual ly the death of a relationship. She picks out a man named Ben and sets to work. Andi is a modern woman who believes that she is an equal in every way to the male in a relationship and even superior at times.She does everything she can to prove her point. She tries things such as clinging, mentioning marriage, calling his mother and many others. Ben, the main male, believes that women want to fall in love and make that the goal of a relationship when they meet a man. He believes that by telling a woman what she wants to hear and overlooking her â€Å"quirks† men can make any woman fall in love with them. He too makes a bet with his co workers that he can get a woman to fall in love with in 10 days. He picks Andi at the same time she picks him.Both believe that they understand the opposite sex better than the other and can gain the upper hand in a relationship. Ben is shown as an over confident male who thinks ignoring all the things she is doing will make her fall in love him within 10 days. Outwardly he overlooks her buying a dog â€Å"for them†, interrupting his poker games and similar incidents but inwardly he is cringing. He cannot figure out how she turned into such a clingy, needy, marriage minded woman so quickly. Andi, for her part, cannot believe he has not yet called the relationship off.Both find that without all the games and manipulation, they are on equal ground and the male-female relationship does not have to be a contest and their perceptions of the opposite sex were not always correct. In the movie, â€Å"The Wedding Crashers†, the two main male characters, John and Jeremy, have been breaking hearts for years. They believe that flirting and sex are fine as long as they do not get attached. They portrayed as not believing love is worth the risk you must take to get it. If you fall in love, you get hurt so avoiding commitment of any sort is one of their most basic rules.They crash weddings to pick up bridesmaids, whom they w ill never see again and enjoy woman after woman with no regrets. They are successful in business and do not think of the future as it pertains to love. In the 1990, where this movie is set, men are still portrayed as being a more knowledgeable regarding the opposite sex. They believe if they say the right things and keep it casual they are safe from being pulled into a relationship. The women in the film, Claire and her sister Gloria, approach the male –female relationship from opposite directions.Claire is self assured and believes herself to be too smart to fall for the usual pickup lines and manipulations. She holds herself at a distance to causing men to have to approach her rather than approaching them. Gloria is manipulative and aggressive. She is a cheerful and persistent pursuer and does not allow herself to be deterred. Both women reflect the modern woman in different ways. Claire shows it with her self assurance and Gloria with her belief that she can be the aggress or in a relationship. Both are facets of the era we live in and there is no right or wrong in these representations.As the characters find out, both sexes can be the user or the used, depending on the circumstance. Claire has the power to draw the men to her by being aloof or unobtainable, thereby issuing a challenge to the males to overcome her barriers. She is diplomatic but does not meet a man halfway. She likes to control the situation on her terms. Gloria is the complete opposite of her sister and goes after her chosen man with using all her wiles. She is sweet one minute and throwing a tantrum the next, all the while keeping her intended fascinated by her mercurial moods.She has no problem initiating sex and as with most present day women, is not afraid to admit she has a sex drive. Claire is not a prudish woman but chooses more carefully then her impulsive sister. Gloria tends to be needier than Claire, clinging to her chosen man because she worries her clinging will drive hi m off. Claire is presented as a strong woman who will take only the right man and not just anyone who happens along. When John falls for Claire, Jeremy is stunned and dismayed. He urges John to remember the rules they followed. , who wants an immediate commitment from him.While John is trying to woo Claire, who remains just out of reach, Jeremy is targeted by Gloria. She begins to pursue him so intensely that she frightens him. The couples are shown as opposites of each other with the female aggressor in one relationship and the male aggressor in the other. It shows the modern day balance that both sexes have worked hard to achieve and maintain. The results are both couples finding out that both mixes work and they really want to continue their . relationships. The Philadelphia Story is set in the 40s and the main female, Tracy Lord, is a rich, spoiled woman used to getting her way.She has beauty and she has money and that is what really matters in that society. With those two thing s, she can treat a man anyway she likes and be admired for it. People consider her strong and willful but consider it her right to be so. Of all the characters in this movie, the female Tracy, wields most of the power. While the husbands are given certain due simply because they are men, she uses all the expected female wiles and they capitulate. The males are shown as expected to cater to the woman’s whims because she is a rich and beautiful prize.The female acts as she is expected to and in return makes demands of the men that must be filled, lest she move on to the next beau. This was an age of romance as well and both men and women were portrayed as romantic at heart. The males are also shown as having a softer side. Tracy breaks up with her groom, George, because he misunderstood a situation and didn’t believe what she told him happened. He storms out, leaving a church full of wedding guests and everything set to go. Another man offers to step in but it is ex husb and Dexter, who has been in love with her since they divorced, who marries Tracy.In the time of â€Å"The Philadelphia Story† women were expected to draw the men to them, rather than pursue them openly. There were always exceptions to this rule, especially for the extremely wealthy. Women were to be ladylike at all times, however, this gave them power even as it took some from them. Men could openly pursue a lady but if she chose to play coy or hard to get, they would have to work hard to win her favor. Men were portrayed as sophisticated and suave. They were the aggressors, but only to the point that they be the chosen one.They still had to curry favor from the female to keep her as their prize. Women were admired more for wealth, beauty and elegance in those days than for intelligence or imagination. Today’s expectations of the sexes are much different for most people. Women are accepted as equally intelligent, imaginative and brave. We now have women in combat; this does not reflect on them as women, it enhances their appeal. Men are doing cooking shows and designing clothing. There are still diving lines in some areas but we are making progress as shown in the films and in life.Blustain, S. (2000, November). The New Gender Wars. Psychology Today, 33, 42. Cohan, S. (1997). Masked Men: Masculinity and the Movies in the Fifties. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. Connell, Robert William: Gender and Power, Cambridge: University Press 1987 Essentials of Sociology (2005) Appelbaum,R. , Duneier, M. & Giddius, A. Website: http://www2. wwnorton. com/college/soc/essoc/reviews/ch09. asp Galician, M. (2004). Sex, Love & Romance in the Mass Media: Analysis & Criticism of Unrealistic Portrayals & Their Influence. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) starring Kate Hudson, Matthew McCaughey and Adam Goldberg. Directed by Donald Petrie, Paramount Studios The Philadelphia Story (1940) starring Katherine Hepburn, C ary Grant and James Stewart, Directed by George Cukor, Warner Bros. The Wedding Crashers (2005) starring Owen C Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walkin Directed by David Dobkin, New Line Home Entertainment Channel 14 Battle of the Sexes Website: http://www. channel4. com/science/microsites/B/battle_sexes/ Wikipedia (2007): Culture and Gender Roles Website: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Gender_role#Culture_and_gender_roles

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Kim Fuller Essay

In the early fall of 2002, Kim Fuller was employed as a district sales engineer for a large chemical firm. During a routine discussion with plant chemists, Fuller learned that the company had developed a use for the recycled material, in pulverized form, made from plastic soda pop bottles. Because the state had mandatory deposits all beverage bottles. Fuller realized that a ready supply of this material was available. All that was needed was an organization to tap that bottle supply, grind the bottles, and deliver the pulverized plastic to the chemical company. It was an opportunity Fuller had long awaited—a chance to start a business. In November 2002 Fuller began checking into the costs involved in setting up a plastic bottle grinding business. A used truck and three trailers were acquired to pick up the empty bottles. Fuller purchased one used grinding machine but had to buy a second one newï ¼â€ºSupplies and pans necessary to run and maintain the machines were also purcha sed. Fuller also purchased a personal computer with the intention of using it to keep company records. These items used $65,000 of the $75,000 Fuller had saved and invested in the company. A warehouse costing $162,000 was found in an excellent location for the business. Fuller was able to interest family members enough in this project that three of them, two sisters and a brother, invested $30, 000 each. These funds gave Fuller the$50,000 down payment on the warehouse. The bank approved a mortgage for the balance on the building. In granting the mortgage, however, the bank 0fficial suggested that Fuller start from the beginning with proper accounting records. He said these records would help not only with future bank dealings but also with tax returns and general management of the company. He suggested Fuller find a good accountant to provide assistance from the start, to get things going on the right foot. Fuller’s neighbor, Marion Zimmer, was an accountant with a local firm. When they sat down to talk about the new business, Fuller explained, â€Å"I know little about keeping proper records.† Zimmer suggested Fuller should buy an â€Å"off-the-shelf† accounting system software package from a local office supply retailer. Zimmer promised to help Fuller select and install the package as well as learn how to use it. In order to select the fight package for Fuller’s needs, Zimmer asked Fuller to list all of the items purchased for the business, a11 of the debts incurred, and the information Fuller  would need to manage the business. Zimmer explained that not al l of this information would be captured by the accounting records and displayed in financial statements. Based on what Fuller told Zimmer, Zimmer promised to create files to accommodate accounting and non-accounting information that Fuller could access through the company’s personal computer. As Fuller’s first lesson in accounting, Zimmer gave Fuller a brief lecture on the nature of the balance sheet and income statement and suggested Fuller draw up an opening balance sheet for the company. Confident now that the venture was starting on solid ground, Kim Fuller opened the warehouse, signed contracts with two local bottling companies, and hired two grinding machine workers and a truck driver. By February 2003 the new firm was making regular deliveries to Fuller’s former employer. Questions 1. What information will Fuller need to manage the business? Classify this information in two categories: accounting information and non-accounting information. 2. See what you can do to draw up a beginning of business list of the assets and 1iabilities of Fuller’s company making any assumptions you consider useful. How should Fuller go about putting a value on the company’s assets? Using your values, what is the company’s opening owners’ equity? 3. Now that Fuller has started to make sales, what information is needed to determine â€Å"profit and loss†? What should be the general construction of a profit and loss analysis for Fuller’s business? How frequently should Fuller do such all analysis? 4. What other kinds of changes in assets, 1iabilities, and owners’ claims will need careful recording and reporting if Fuller is to keep in control of the business?

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Closing Down the Oconomo Plant Essay

This plant is important to the society because it has created employment opportunities to local residents. However, the plant is in the verge of shut down. Jack Ripon , Chief Executive officer of Lamprey Inc. is concerned about higher cost of operation which has decreased profit for the company. The plan is to close down the Oconomo plant and establish a new plant in Mexico. Jack wants Jim Malesckowski, President of Wisconsin Speciality Products Division of Lamprey Inc. o find out about the operational costs of establishing a new plant in Mexico and submit the report to him. Jim thinks that the action to shut down the Oconomo plant might be wrong as long as there were chances to lower the costs. But he also thinks that Jack is right because all the avenues for decreasing costs at the plant have been closed. Besides money, there are other underlying factors that have led the management to bring some changes in the company. We will look at some of the forces that drive Oconomo plant to anticipate for change,changes that are required to be made, and the reasons why union leaders are reluctant to change. . What forces for change are evident at the Oconomo plant? The greatest force that drives the company to look for change is its high operational cost. The plant has so high operational costs that the company has been incurring losses instead of making profits. The management is anticipating changes so that the company will make profits in the future. In order for a company to run successfully, it should realize some returns from the investment made at the plant. Having invested in the company, shareholders also expect return for their investment. It is important for the company to make enough money for the satisfaction of shareholders and the existence of the company in the market. By any means, Lamprey Inc. should reduce its operational cost to withstand the fierce competition in the marketplace. For the compaby to make it in the market, it must change its working conditions so that they fit with the current market situations, (Daft & Marcic,2010). Another force that is evident for the change at the Oconomo plant is the uncooperative labor union. Workers have been consistently refusing to cooperate with the management. The company is planning to reduce the amount of pay it’s going to provide to workers. In order to decrease the labor cost, the company is proposing changes but the union leaders have turned a deaf ear to the management’s plan . It’s a great problem when workers are unwilling to listen to the management for possible solution. The situation will get even worse when the workers are not ready to accept the desired change of the company. Competition in the marketplace is also prominent force that is evident for change in this case. Lately, competitors have threatened Lamprey Inc. from the services and products that they are providing to the society. It has been a challenge for the company to manufacture the quality products and beat the competitor’s price. While the competiton is being fierce in the marketplace, Lamprey Inc. has been struggling to sustain the operations. If the same situation persists, the company would not have a way to exist in the market. 2. What is the primary type of change needed—changing â€Å"things† or changing the â€Å"people and culture? Can the Wisconsin plant be saved by changing things alone, by changing people and culture, or must both be changed? Explain your answer. Primary type of change required in this case is changing people and their culture. If people and their attitudes can be changed, work environment will be comfortable and other changes are easy to implement. The attitude of employees especially that of union leaders is not right in the given case. They are disobedient to the management. As long as employees don’t have respect for management, it is hard to bring any other changes. People’s culture is of great significance in the way the company operates because if the culture or people fit in the objectives of the company, rest of things will work accordingly. In changing anything with respect to company, people and culture should be considered at first. If the people working in the company are unhappy with the change, the objectives of change might not be fulfilled. In this particular case, employees are scared of change and in fact don’t let management bring any changes. Such culture is detrimental to the company. Culture should be established in such a way that people are ready to accept the change and welcome the efforts of the management with open heart. Although changing people and their culture is a primary thing, changing things is also important and should be considered for quality and workable plans of the company. Lamprey Inc. needs to bring some change in the products to save its position in the market. If the products are of low quality, the market share of Lamprey Inc. will be directed towards the competitors. In this case, the company has not put enough effort to upgrade the quality of the products. If the same situation persists, it will not be able to face the competition in the industry because competitors are developing quality products at affordable price. A company can’t operate on just a single type of change. It’s important to put into consideration both changes when designing any type of change in the company. In order to change the products, the entire team of the company should be ready and thus change is required in people of the company. To meet the objectives of the desired strategy, the company should take consideration on both types of changes.

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Metro Group

Metro Group Executive Summary: Metro has taken initiative to implement RFID tagging to better track its inventory and improve its supply chain management. The palette level tracking which has been implemented at certain stores has proven beneficial and now Metro is considering case level tagging. Given the cost savings, improvement in inventory and store level performance, the case level tagging would yield higher savings as compared to palette level tagging. Since RFID technology is evolving very fast the primary cost – price of tags, would decreases significantly and thereby would increase ROI.Therefore, with the assumptions case level tagging is recommended over palette level tagging. In-Store Logistics problem: One factor that contributes to in store logistic problems is on shelf availability of products. There’s about 6% to 10% out of stock rate in grocery retailing and that is a major problem in loss of revenue and potential loss of customers. The cause of this pr oblem could be that the inventory already exists in store but the in store inventory system is not sophisticated enough to prevent the problem. RFID, however, can help improve inventory data accuracy and stock visibility.Another problem is promotion compliance – because of the numerous promotions going on per store, the stores lack the resources to carry out all the events effectively and that could result in manufacture dissatisfaction due to unsatisfactory promotions. Using RFID can help in pallet and case level by giving accurate stock information so manufacturers can see how their promotions are doing as well as if markets are holding their end of the bargain. Finally, RFID can improve problems in productivity and labor efficiencies. One problem is workers unable to locate items to physically scan them with traditional readers.With RFID, the worker just needs to be within the vicinity so no extra work needed to identify correct pallet from within a case. Another labor pro blem that arises is too much manual work done by workers to scan items when they arrive, with RFID, the pallets can just arrive on location and just be unloaded instead of manually inspecting codes by workers. Process flow of the supply chain: Upon production, the assembly of the pallets is conducted at the manufacturer’s plant. The pallets are stored either at the manufacturer’s warehouse or are shipped to a distribution center (DC).From the DC the pallets are either shipped to one of Metro’s DCs or directly to a Metro store. At the Metro DC pallets are either kept as they arrive or get unbundled and repackaged as mixed pallets. Every pallet contains from 60 to 80 cases with some exceptional cases of 900cases/pallet. The above flow requires high labor force. As a next step, the stock room determines how much of the product should be moved directly to the sales floor and how much needs to remain in the stock room. There are cases where products marked for the sa les floor had to be returned back to the stock room due to lack of display space.The products displayed at the sales floor are also relocated for promotional events. A retail store receives shipments either directly from the manufacturer or from a variety of Metro DCs. In addition to the various locations the shipments originated, the size of the pallets, the pallet mix, the randomness of the delivery schedules there are also cases where a product has to be returned for quality issues or product damage. Business Process Optimization at the pallet level: The major difference between barcodes and RFID tags is that RFID tags do not require a direct line of sight for scanning and processing.This leads to major process automation wherever the process scanning is required, e. g. scan barcode on pallet, scan storage barcode to verify location, forklift driver scans barcode on pallet etc. Whenever a pallet is within a read range from an RFID reader, the scanning automatically takes places, therefore, the employee doesn’t have to physically locate and scan the tag (ultrahigh frequency benefits displayed in Exhibit 3). Apart from that, RFID tags can store information about the object itself (location, case counts, etc. ).This leads to major picking and truck loading process optimization. Whenever a pallet is created, the number of cases and pallet location can be stored in the tag and placed on the pallet. Pallet movement can then be detected by readers placed within the warehouse for improved warehouse visibility. This allows employees to locate the pallets quicker and reduce the time required to move pallets to outgoing docks for shipment. Inbound and outbound pallet inspection during the truck loading process becomes faster, more accurate, and requires less resource utilization.RFID readers at the loading docks will be able to automatically check the identity of a pallet when it is moved onto or off the truck, eliminating in that way the need for manual scanni ng and inspection. Business Process Optimization at the case level: Implementation of RFID tags at the case level reduces the need for forklift readers to count cases on the pallets as the case tags provide immediate signal notification of case count. As pallets are stored in the Metro DC for potential case mixing, current process flow is facilitated by improved efficiency of mixed-pallet picking.In addition, RFID tags identify optimal picking paths for the employees or the best route to take through the warehouse when they search for the products that will consist of the mixed pallet. During shrink-wrapping, the need to label the mixed pallets is eliminated as case tags will verify and notify trucks (headed from Metro DC to Metro stores) for the pallet content. Case level RFID tags also eliminate the 1% mixed pallet case recounting process, a result of too many or too few cases being picked for mixed pallets or wrong cases altogether being picked.The tags on the cases notify employ ees of improper inclusion or exclusion without the need for manual recounts. Process improvement is facilitated through more efficient shelf restocking at the store level. For the first time, employees have improved visibility of what is in the backroom, instead of relying upon memory of backroom items. This will help limit the stock outs but will also improve the inventory-ordering accuracy. Last but not least, storage mapping utilized in conjunction with case level RFID tags limits the time required for searching the replenishment cases.When the point-of-sale data indicates that a shelf is empty, employees are notified that replenishment is required, have clear visibility of the number of that particular item available in the backroom, as well as the exact backroom item location. Cost-Benefit analysis: Exhibit 1 shows the cost benefit analysis for the implementation of RFID either at palette level or case level. In both scenarios, Metro would not be generating enough incremental p rofits as opposed to the investment.Certain assumptions were made regarding average cost of tag, average number of pallets reaching DC and number of DC. In case of palette level tagging, manufacture is set to make huge savings per plant which is evident from per palette saving data as well. But for the case level tagging, Metro will be generating high incremental savings but not more than investment. Assuming that tags and portal bought by Metro runs for 5 years, Metro will break even on its investment in less than 2 years and would earn more than $11M savings per year thereafter.

Advertising in the 21st century.Communication and Consumer Behavior Essay

Advertising in the 21st century.Communication and Consumer Behavior - Essay Example Regardless of the fact that the key function of the advertising process is to persuade the target audience in the benefits of purchasing goods or services, the communication function of advertising is essentially wider. Therefore, the aim of the paper is to analyze the communication and customer behavior function of the advertising process from the perspective of arranging sustainable communication with the target audience, including feedback. Considering the fact that advertising can also change the overall industry approaches towards the communication process, the paper will be focused on the aspects of widening these approaches, and outlining the basic strategies of adjusting and regulating the communication with the target audience, basing on the latest communication technologies. Communicative Function of the Advertising Process First, it should be stated that in accordance with the research by Carbaugh (2008), the advertising that is based on the communication process is featur ed with five distinctive aspects: It differs from the standard communication process, as the basic function of advertising does not involve feedback, and it may be initiated without the mutual agreement of the parties. The general principle of the effective advertising is explained by the perception aspect. This means that perceptional patterns, as well as cultural codes of the target audience define whether the communication process can be initiated. For instance, a company that produces meat products will never be able to hit the vegetarian segment of the audience. The communication process approaches can be changed depending on the consumer’s involvement. The further step of the communication process is associated with the purchases. Hence, the motives that stimulate purchases, are originated by the communication process, as well as perception aspects of the target audience. Additionally, the communication process of advertising influences the customer behavior. The custom ers change their involvement into the communication process depending on the perception patterns of the advertising strategy. In accordance with the basics of the advertising theory, the communication process simplifies the customers’ movement through the customer behavior stages. (Lee and Ferguson, 2002) Therefore, this process is often regarded as a set of standardized matters, while the influence of advertisement is quite individual. The stages are given on the scheme below: While some customers pass all the stages quickly, the others may stop at any of them without passing to the final one (Person, 2010). This means that the communicative function of the advertisement process is to create and carry a message for the audience, and this message should stimulate the audience move to the final stage (â€Å"Purchase†). The leverage function of the communication is often regarded as a supplementary aspect of the allover advertisement process (Tanaka, 2010).It creates the necessary background for accelerating the customers’ understanding of the product benefits. Nevertheless, the communication itself can not be the sufficient aspect of the effective advertising; therefore, the strategy is often backed up by various images: either verbal or visual (however, they are often combined). Hence, in accordance with the basics of the advertising theory, advertising and marketing are grounded on the matters of thoughts control. (Jian-Hua and Zhi-Yun, 2010) Mass media advertisement and

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Community, Education and Project Management Essay

Community, Education and Project Management - Essay Example A comprehensive analysis regarding complete features of workshop sessions is provided in a chronological sequence, followed by details of my personal development and experience from this entire exercise. Here, I also discussed a special case of a particular child who showed symptoms of evolving through the knowledge and confidence gained from my sessions and how I was moved from this astounding development. This area confers about how I take pride and credit for achievements that I gained by conducting an effective workshop and for amazing feedback I received from an audience as well as my mentor. The chapter closes in with a concluding summary of how this whole exercise enhanced my learning curve and how I see myself merging as a new person after the end of this spiritual journey. The notes provided in this report can be helpful for anyone who desires to conduct a successful workshop, learning from where I made mistakes and how I coped with challenges that came my way! Background: W ho’s who and what’s what? Location for workshop After being instructed to plan a workshop, the very first step to ponder about was the location where the workshop could be possibly held in the most effective manner. To discuss regarding this, I met my mentor and talked in detail about my placement. Initially, my intentions were to try for some non-profit organizations engaged in community development activities with a primary focus on schools and educational institutions. My theme was dance and movements and I strongly believed that dance can be best used in education for children who can’t communicate verbally and therefore, seconding to Mertz in ‘As I See it,’ dance is a language and communication mode which uses one’s body and movements instead of vocal notes to convey a message. The person at the other end reads the gestures and decodes the subtle meaning behind them. For kids, it could be the only mode of speaking up until a later age an d the workshop could be useful in this context. It was vital to decide what target I desire to target for the workshops for which an article by Natura Networking Programme (ELO) came in handy. Based on nature of my workshop, I needed to determine whether I shall need an assistant, any external funding, group of people for whom my intended workshop shall be most fruitful and associations that might be interested in my subject matter. My mentor gave me the names of some popular groups and associations where I could consider conducting my workshop. Accordingly, I applied to these entities requesting them to grant me permission to hold a workshop as part of my coursework. In order of my priorities, I applied first to Village Primary school but got a negative response on the grounds that it already had a full subscription of clubs. However, the school referred me to another association namely Refugee Housing Association.

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BudgetExpenditure analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

BudgetExpenditure analysis - Assignment Example While this may be possible in many organizations, in Monroe county Red Cross, it might not be fully possible especially because of the nature of management of the organization. To start with, most of its incomes are from donations and other incomes of the same nature. It may be difficult to establish exactly what amount is spent in preparation activities. Moreover, the organization is more of a charitable organization concerned with offering services and not profit maximization. All in all, expenditure analysis must be carried out more so to convince well wishers and donors that their funds are being spent in a good manner. In Monroe county Red Cross, the process often takes four main stages which are dependent on one another. For a comprehensive summary of expenditure analysis, it ought to start at the budget preparation stage. Here all the relevant factors are taken into consideration. It is in the process of budgeting that speculations of spending are made. Despite the fact that in many instances these speculations are not accurate, they give the management a rough idea of the likely range of expenditures. Though it is often overlooked by many institutions including the Monroe county Red Cross, expenditure analysis ought to start at this point. The items in the budget ought to be reviewed and confirmations made on whether or not they are likely to cost as much as stipulated in the budget. After the process of budget preparation, approval needs to be done. In many instances and many organizations, this step is the where the budget expenditures are analysed. The purpose of this step is to eradicate alien expenditures that may be fixed to acquire money in unscrupulous ways. Depending on the views of the management and the urgency of the expenditures, they may be approved or rejected in the budget. This is still some form of expenditure analysis. After the approval